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Csörögi Tanoda

How do we help?


At the moment we are working together with 26 families. At our monthly parent forums, we discuss the challenges of parenting. We are involved in community-buildong, organising day trips, and celebrating holidays together.

Personal development

The support of children is guided by individual development plans. The development plans are based on regular and yearly skill assessments, the experience of our colleagues with the kids and consultations with the kids and their parents.

Group work

Group work offers great opportunities for our children to improve their social competencies. Kids are divided into groups according to their age and thus, they can take part in challenging, playful activities of skill development.


As good community has the power of pulling together, we put special emphasis on community-building. Our identity and the feeling of belonging to the Csörögi Tanoda are strengthened by common experiences gained from summer camps and festivals spent together.

Goods and food donation

We find sharing donations effective primarily in cases of crisis. During the Corona virus pandemic, we could give food packs and equipment to online learning thanks to the donations of our supporters.

Career orientation

We regularly invite guests, often Roma people, with different jobs to show our kids careers which they are not familiar with in their environment. Before choosing secondary schools, we help them make decisions and prepare for the entrance tests.

Restorative conflict resolution

We do our best to support the kids of Csörögi Tanoda to be able to create a harmonious relationship with the people in their environment. We tend to handle the conflicts by applying mediation and restorative techniques.

Csörögi Tanoda

How can you help?


Volunteers play a major role in the life of the Csörögi Tanoda. They are mainly secondary school students, people from the private sector or pensioners. Apply, and we can surely find an enjoyable activity for you to help us.

Company support

We are happy, when the colleagues of a company redecorate the house of the Csörögi Tanoda or do the gardening as part of a team-building project. We also appreciate if they buy Christmas presents for the kids. We are grateful for pro-bono services. Besides the financial help, these offers give us emotional support as well.

1% of your personal income tax for a Chance

Children, who come to the Tanoda to learn and develope.
Please, help them by 1% of your personal income tax.

Csörögi Tanoda